Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Because I Am Not One to Be Outdone...

Okay, so. I have never done this before but today is a two-fer. Mostly because I can't BELIEVE this shit!!  Yesterday I tweeted about how TWH broke his toe. Not just broke but BROKE. He broke the ever-loving-shit out of his toe while working on the God-Forsaken Shower Sunday afternoon. Then, because he wasn't hurt  ENOUGH, he stubbed the same toe again last night, almost causing him to use the type of language I do all day every day and I would swear I saw a tear leak out of one eye. Anyways, I was going into my closet last night when I stubbed MY toe. No biggie, I just grabbed hold of a shelf, gritted my teeth, muttered "OhJesusHolyMotherFuckingSHIT", got whatever it was I needed, and moved on. So today, I was walking the trail at the park while TB was doing the soccer thing and my foot kind of hurt. Huh. I stand on my feet all day and we were busy-as-shit today so I didn't think that much of it. I came home because TB's practice ended early and jumped on the treadmill where I walked/ran another mile on top of what I'd already done at the park. After I finished running for a bit, I thought "Ow, my toe kind of hurts", and kept going. Later, after a shower & dinner, I'm sitting on the sofa watching TV and curling & uncurling my toes. This is an idle habit & I have no idea why I do it but as I'm curling my toes, I notice my "Owie" toe REALLY hurts. That's when I decide to actually LOOK at my toe. Then I see it. The blue/purple Circle of Brokenness. Yep!! I broke my damn toe too!!  I stick my foot in TWH's lap & tell him "Will you look at THIS shit!!". He looks, shakes his head, and says "Copycat!!".  Like I say, I am never one to be outdone.

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