Monday, September 19, 2011

Demoralizing Ice Cream

Okay, so. Tonight after helping me clean the kitchen, TB decided to get himself some ice cream since he hadn't had dessert yet. He gets it out of the freezer and begins to scoop it into his bowl. After a few failed attempts, he turns to me and says "Can you help me get this out??  I'm having some trouble since the container's almost empty."  I go over and, being a little bit taller and having a better angle on the scooper & container, I have no trouble getting him a couple of good scoops.  TB makes a disgusted noise and says "Oh, of COURSE you have no trouble scooping the ice cream out. THAT'S not demoralizing or anything!! Now I have Sad Face." and he took his Demoralizing Ice Cream into the living room to eat it.  Maybe now it's Consolation Ice Cream.

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