Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cupcakes are the DEBBIL!!

Okay, my friend and Esthetician Extrordiaire, Erica recently moved her awesome business...  Three doors down from a Cupcake Shop.  I go in for my appointment Saturday and Erica, ever thoughtful, came in with a "Pupcake" for the Crackhaid Dawg.  Now, I just got done maiming The Boy last Monday and there's NO WAY I can show up with just a cupcake for the Dawg. So, after my appointment, I walk over to the Cupcake Shop with the intention of buying ONLY 3 cupcakes for the 3 people in my house. Sadly, the cupcakes come in packs of 4 and that last little,empty hole just looked so sad & lonely, I had to buy just ONE more. For The Boy, of course.  These were normal sized cupcakes so eating one wasn't exactly the end of the world.  The cupcake I ate Sunday at our local store however, was not. It was a giant sized chocolate mint cupcake that was absolutely wonderful & frightening to behold.  I ate the whole thing with TWO glasses of milk.  Now I am in full Cupcake Frenzy mode. We went out for dinner tonight  (because TWH got some good news, he didn't feel like cooking, it's a day that ends with "Y", whatever) and for dessert, you guessed it. CUPCAKE!!  Now, tonight TWH & I split the cupcake...with a scoop of ice cream each.  I rode home holding my stomach in agony, took a shower just so I could put on my jammies because they have an elastic waist and at this point I desperatly need the room. If I can't quit them soon, say before I outgrow my emergency fat pants, we may have to move to another city. I say again, Cupcakes are the Debbil!!

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