Saturday, August 27, 2011

There's Shit EVERYWHERE!!

Okay, so. As I've mentioned before, we're kinda rural where I live. Along with the crazed bus driver who comes through whenever the hell she likes, we are also the dumping ground for other people's unwanted pets. Pretty much everyone in my neighborhood has adopted an unwanted, abandoned dog or cat.That isn't to say that they have all decided to keep them inside or on a leash. Oh NO. Most of them run rampant through the neighborhood sleeping in flowerbeds, on/under cars, on other people's porches, and shitting wherever they please. I can't tell you how many GIANT dog bombs I've come across while trotting the Crackhaid Dawg around the yard waiting for him to do his (tiny Dawg) "bidness".  As I was coming up the driveway after our latest outing I looked under the carport and up the driveway and there was shit EVERYWHERE!!  The worst thing about this is that I know I can do nothing about it except clean it up and hope I can catch at least one of the four legged miscreants at it later so I can hopefully scare him off. That, or just start letting my Dawg make deposits in as many of the neighbor's yards as possible as a petty form of retaliation.

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