Monday, August 1, 2011

I. Am. The. Worst. Mom. EVER.

Yep, you read it right. Worst Mom EV-ER.  I know every Mom has these thoughts but until you have almost knocked your child unconscious with your CAR, you don't even begin to qualify.  Here's the scene.  We pull into the driveway & It's POURING rain. I have a carload of stuff that needs to be unloaded so TWH comes out to help. We make a couple of frantic trips back & forth in the downpour. My son grabs the last load & is trying to close the back of my Jeep but isn't quite tall enough to get a decent grip on the hatch/lift gate. I tell him "I've got it" and grab hold and yank downward.  I hit my son in the head. I HIT my SON in the HEAD with part of my CAR!!  God, I'm almost crying typing this.  He stumbled, grabbed his head, and began screaming. TWH comes out, guides our screaming child inside as I follow behind screaming "Oh God!!  Oh God!!  I thought he was CLEAR!!" in that uber-helpful panicked Mom way. Thankfully, there was no blood which means no trip to the ER & the ridiculous amount of Guilt Gifts that would have followed. He's gonna have a pretty good-sized bump though.  He is currently in his room with an ice pack balanced on his head playing on his computer (which I take as a sign that he is not concussed) and using my guilt to have me fetch him things. All is right with the world...

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  1. The other day we were at Wal-Mart and the boy (my youngest - 8 years) was in the back of the truck putting the grocery bags in as I handed them to him when we were done he grabbed the back of the cab with one had and threw his leg over the side just as I closed the door of the truck - he lets out a bloody murder scream, I instantly look around to see who is stareing at us all while I am telling his "to shut the freak up are you insane" just as I notice I have closed 2 of his fingers in the truck door and they are stuck!


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