Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Today I Broke

The air conditioning went out in the Barber Shop today.  In this heat, the A/C giving up the ghost is not an uncommon occurrence. It was 108 today in Baton Rouge and we were Balls-to-the-Wall busy with the back to school crowd. Did I mention the A/C went out??  Just checking...  We found out the A/C was broken about 10:30 or so this morning. My first comment was "So we're done at lunch right??"  Troy just gave me THE LOOK.  Lunch came and went and we returned to our little box. It was still Hot as Hell.  Troy set up the fan to promote a convection oven like effect and did little to alleviate the heat.  At around 3:00, I Broke.  Troy, God love him, moved the fan to what he thought might be a better position in the room and asked me "Is that better??" to which I responded "NO!!  That is NOT BETTER!!"  "You know what would be BETTER??  AIR CONDITIONING!!"  "You know where I can find AIR CONDITIONING??  HOME!! That's where!!"  "You know who else has to work in shitty conditions like this??  Little kids who work in sweat shops assembling celebrities designer fucking couture!!  THAT'S WHO!!!"  Like I said, I. Broke.   I then apologized to the Marine sitting in my chair for my tirade.  "Sorry for my language, I have a Potty Mouth when I'm happy and I am EONS away from happy right this second."  He stopped laughing long enough to tell me he wasn't offended.  Gotta love the Marines. Not much fazes them. Not even their Barber having a hissy fit in the middle of their haircut.  I stuck it out. I didn't die, despite my dire predictions to the contrary.  Now I am sitting here with my favorite Mommy Drink and soaking up the working A/C from the comfort of my living room.  Tomorrow I'm wearing shorts!!

On an Accidental Maiming of The Boy note, he's still whining about his head. Apparently, someone hit him with a ball and threw a shoe at him today. They both hit him in the exact spot I did with the car door.  I am NEVER gonna live that down....

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