Monday, August 29, 2011

I Volunteered for This...

Okay, so. TWH has been working diligently on our "new" shower. I put the NEW in quotations because, God love TWH, he's already done this giant shower once. We had a jetted tub in our bathroom that did it's job well when we bought the house. I "Ooh'd & Ahh'd" & clapped my hands with glee when we were touring the house and saw the thing. Then I used it for the first time. I ran out of hot water when it was halfway full, and when I turned on the jets, some sort of nasty, oogy, STUFF came out of them because they hadn't been properly maintained. Got everything cleaned up & working properly and tried again to bathe in my new jetted tub. I got it filled, got the jets running, climbed in....and discovered the damn thing was TINY!!  I mean, only-came-up-to-the-bottom-of-my-ribcage TINY!!  What a rip-off!!  Pissed doesn't even begin to cover what I felt at being conned by a bathroom appliance/fixture.  So, I began using our equally tiny, plastic insert, camp-type shower and just dusting the tub weekly. Cursing them both the whole time. (The shower is so tiny, btw, that I have to put my knee in my chest in order to shave my legs).  One day, I'm stepping out of my TINY shower and look over at all the wasted real-estate where my useless tub is and think "We could TOTALLY make that a GIANT SHOWER!!". I called TWH and he said what he always says "If that's what you want Baby, I'll make it happen". (I LOVE that man!!) So the big assed shower was constructed.  We used it happily...until I broke it. I don't mean a little broke either. I mean Wrenched-on-the-shower-head-so-hard-I-broke-a-pipe-in-the-wall-and-flooded-TWH's-closet broke it. had to be redone. Mostly. TWH went to work fixing what I broke and "fixing" things he said needed to be redone anyway.  Now the "New" shower is tiled and grouted. I volunteered for "Haze Removal". Mostly to assuage my guilt over not doing anything else to help this project along. For those you who don't know, haze removal consists of scrubbing the tile until all traces of grout are removed from them so you can seal everything. Not really a big deal. Not really a big job. EXCEPT, I chose a "natural" stone to tile my shower with. This means it has all these little nooks & crannies that are FULL OF GROUT and I have to get that shit out before we seal it or it'll be in there FOREVER. Yeah, that's an easy job...NOT!!  Now I'm in some scrubby work clothes, on my hands & knees in the shower, Cinderella style, scrubbing this tile until my damn arms feel like they're about to fall off!!  I think TWH got the better end of the deal by doing all the other shit.  Maybe I didn't volunteer for this after all. Maybe I was duped...  Sonofabitch!!

Side Note: Twelve MILLION wipe-downs later & the shower is haze-free. I still have to get all the crap outta the nooks & crannies though. That's gonna have to wait until another day when my arms aren't like spaghetti & my back isn't in one GIANT knot.


  1. I totally feel your pain - renovated most of our new house (not MY idea, but my husband is a do-it-yourselfer) and then a few months later had a pipe burst..had to replace the kitchen ceiling, kitchen floor, and entire finished basement. Needless to say, I'll probably get some kind of cancer down the line from the drywall dust. Hope you enjoy your giant shower soon!

  2. I am dying because this was me, in my kitchen, just last year. We picked GLASS tile for our backsplash. More specifically, matte finish glass tile. Did you know if you scrub it too hard it scrubs away the finish? I was in time out for weeks for that mess! I'm glad you got your part done and can enjoy the new shower soon!


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