Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Needs Me a Chicken....

So, thanks to another blogger, I am in dire need of a Giant Metal Chicken.  I will be 40 at the end of September & I have decided that's what I want more than ANYTHING IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.  Conveniently enough, there happens to be a store that sells just such items in the Old Downtown area where I live.  I KNOW, it's totally Meant to Be.  Last night, TWH & I were sitting around talking & the subject of my Birthday Gift came up.  Actual conversation between myself & TWH:
TWH: What do you want for your birthday??
Me: A Giant Metal Chicken
TWH: No really, what do you want for your birthday??
Me: A. Giant. Metal. Chicken.  I am NOT playing around here...
TWH: (Makes face of either Disgust or Defeat) That's REALLY what you want??
Me: YES!!  I have gone downtown & looked at them. I want the one with the giant blue head & the yellow wings. I'm gonna name it Gwenyth!!  It's gonna be so freakin' awesome!!
TWH: I can't believe this....   Then what do you want for our Anniversary??
Me: They also have these Metal Winged Pigs...
TWH was so overcome with my Vision for our backyard & the sheer awesomeness of it that he had to leave the room...

I am SO getting me a Chicken!!


  1. I LOVE "The Blogess!" and I am rapidly falling in love with your blog as well..

  2. Nice, make sure you pose a pic so I can see this lmao

  3. Oh Jeremy, there will be pictures a-plenty.

  4. Love it!...and where would I find my own giant chicken? Lol I NEED ( I stress NEED) one for a halloween prank.

  5. QueenMissy, I Live in Denham Springs, LA & they sell them in the Antiques District here. They're about 4 feet tall though. I don't know if that's bigger than what you were thinking of. You can't have the one with the blue head though. He's MINE!! Lol!!

  6. OMG (And I don't just throw that phrase around, actually I think it is stupid - but it works perfectly here) I so want a giant metal chicken too - I have for about a year now - I want to see a pic of her so I can be jealous!


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