Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Traveling Clothes

Okay, so. We will be traveling to Montana in late October to see my Mother become Ordained as a Deacon in the Episcopal Church. It's a big deal. We are going to fly (of course) and I have been giving some thought as to what I am going to wear through the airports. Most specifically, my t-shirts. I'm thinking about making my own so as to brighten up the day of whatever TSA agent is lucky enough to get to deal with me. Some of the things I'm thinking of having printed on them:
"Was it good for you too??" (Thank you to Kathie Truitt for that one!!)
"If this won't get me dinner will it at least get me a Venti Mocha??"
"You missed a spot"  
Last but not least...
"Call me!!"

TWH thinks I'm gonna spend a LOT of time in a little room being asked a bunch of questions.  I'm thinking "Challenge Accepted".

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