Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm. Umm.. Well....

So, I have to say, I am happy, proud, humbled, and a little intimidated that you guys seem to like this. I'm happy you guys think this is funny. I'm proud that my ramblings are considered worth reading and amusing by ANYONE. I'm humbled by your comments and support. I'm intimidated by the fact that you guys are reading this, like it, and seem willing to read more.  I have to wonder at the level of obligation here.  Daily?? Weekly?? Twice weekly??  Whenever I feel like it??  See, now there's a little panic....  I don't always have a hissy fit at work. Or an accidental maiming of my only Boy Child.  Or some little smart assed kid in my chair.  Or another conversation with TWH (The Wonder Hubby aka my husband Shawn) about my great need for my very own Giant Metal Chicken so I can name it Gwenyth & make our house a neighborhood landmark.  My dog Bentley (The Crackhaid Dawg) mostly sleeps & sheds all over everything.  See??  Panic!!  I need to go breathe into a paper bag now...  I've given you a topic to discuss while I curl into the fetal position & freak out.  Talk it out & let me know...

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  1. I always told you that you should write... and whenever you have something to say... (based on past experience, you will have something to say a lot more often than you seem to think you will... sometimes it is hard to get you to not say something) :)
    Love you!


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